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How To Wear and Store Silk Corsages

by Sandi Walters

A corsage in modern times is a small arrangement of flowers (fresh or silk)
for women worn on the left shoulder, wrist or in the hair.
It may consist of a single flower or as many as five flowers and adorned with ribbon.
They are worn for proms, birthdays, weddings,
anniversaries or other important occasions or holidays.
Men wear boutonnieres in their lapels for these important events.

Corsages that are pinned on, are worn on the left shoulder
originating with the Victorian custom of wearing flowers over the heart.
They are usually worn higher on the shoulder than boutonnieres.
The very tip of the corsage is at or near the collar bone level.

  • Corsages should be secured with two pins.

  • Place one pin through the stem and the other pin higher up among the flowers.

  • This will help to prevent it from rocking side to side.

  • If wearing a dress of delicate material,
    place a piece of cotton, or folded tissue on the underside of the fabric.

  • This will give the pins more to grab.

Boutonnieres are worn lower on the shoulder near
the jacket lapel about 6" from the shoulder.
Insert the pin from the back side of the lapel
if you do not want the pin to show.

Wrist corsages are usually worn on the left wrist if right handed.
On the right wrist if left handed.
When worn on the wrist, the ribbon is near the wrist.

    To Clean and Store Silk Flowers:
  • Place hand held blower dryer on coolest,lowest temp.
  • Hold blower dryer about 8" away from silk flowers.
  • Turn on and gently blow away any dust,etc.
  • Store silk flowers in dry area away from humidity,
    dampness and sunlight.

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Any questions about silk wrist corsages for your special occasion,
contact me at topsa234@sandimw.com or call 646-271-2469.
Event planners welcomed. Your questions welcomed.

This article authored by Sandra Walters. No part maybe reproduced, copied, or reprinted without expressed permission.

Contact me at topsa234@sandimw.com.

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