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View Silk Wrist Corsages and Boutonnieres by Flower Color

With Silk Your Memories Stay Fresh Forever !TM

  • All corsages come with wristlet and pins unless otherwise stated.

  • flowers
  • You decide whether to pin it on or wear it on your wrist.

  • flowers
  • When worn on wrist, the ribbon is near the wrist.

  • flowers

Tip: To prevent pinned on corsage from slipping:

  • Corsages should be secured with two pins.

  • Place one pin through the stem and the other pin higher up among the flowers.

  • This will help to prevent it from rocking side to side.

  • If wearing a dress of delicate material,
    place a piece of cotton, or folded tissue on the underside of the fabric.

  • This will give the pins more to grab.
View full article.....How To Wear and Store Silk Corsages

Silver Green Corsage
Silver Green For Him
Lime Green Corsage
Lime Green For Him
Mecca Silk Flower Wrist Corsage

Dainty Miss--Child's Corsage
Ava Wrist Corsage
Medina Wrist Corsage
Kelli Wrist Corsage
Simply White Wrist Corsage
White Rose Heart Gold Corsage
White Rose Heart Silver Corsage
White Rose Silver Corsage
White Rose Silver For Him
Camelias Corsage
Camelias For Him
White Carnation For Him
White Rose For Him
White Silk Flowers & Fuschia Swarovski Corsage
Stephanotis Rose Silk Corsage
Lillie Silk Corsage

Nicole Corsage
Black Silver Corsage
Rose Silver Corsage
Rose Silver For Him
Totally Silver Silk Corsage
Totally Silver For Him

Lavender/Lavender & White:
Consuela Wrist Corsage
White Lavender Corsage
White Lavender For Him
Lavender Corsage
Lavender For Him
Jada Silk Corsage
Lavender Fluff Silk Corsage
Lee's Silk Boutonniere

Kori Silk Corsage (pink and off-white)
Marie Silk Corsage
Pink Silk Corsage
Pretty In Pink Corsage
J. Pequeno Royal Rose Corsage
Pink Silver Rings Corsage
Lil Princess--Child's Corsage
Dusky Rose Silk Corsage
Jewel Silk Corsage

Ivory Silver Corsage
Ivory Silver For Him
Ivory Gold Corsage
Ivory Gold For Him

Yellow Silk Rose For Him
Yellow Daffodils Corsage
Yellow Daffodils For Him
Yellow Galore Corsage
Yellow Galore For Him
Yellow Rose Gold Corsage
Softly Yellow Wrist Corsage
Soft Yellow Silk Flower For Him

Simply Peach Corsage
Peach Rose Silver Butterfly Corsage
Peach Silk Rose For Him
Coral Roses Silver Corsage
Curled Coral Rose Corsage
Peachy Silver Corsage
Peaches and Hearts Corsage

Red Silk Corsage
Red Silk Rose For Him
Cranberry Red Corsage
Silver Red Corsage
Silver Red For Him
Sparlin' Red Corsage

Simply Blue Silk Corsage
Gold Blue Silk Corsage
Gold Blue For Him
Silver Blue Silk Corsage
Silver Blue For Him
Baby Blue Silk Corsage
Blue and White Silk Corsage

Black & White Silk Corsage
Black & White For Him
Ebony Silver Silk Corsage
Ebony Silver For Him

Other Colors:
Silver and Gold Silk Corsage
Black Silver Rose Silk Corsage
Kori Silk Corsage (pink and off-white)

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